GasAnywhere offers three primary services: 

1. Standard Fuel Delivery. This can be on-demand, or scheduled. Customers pay an average retail price for fuel in the zip code where their vehicle is serviced, and a $3.95 fuel delivery fee per visit.

2. Premium Fuel Delivery. This is a monthly service fee of $8.95 for each customer, which does not includ the Standard Fuel Delivery fee of $3.95/visit. Premium customers get their vehicle fluids and tire pressures checked at the time of fuel delivery with each visit our driver makes.

3. Emergency Fuel Delivery. For customers who need fuel in emergency situations, the fee is $14.95/visit, with a 5-gallon minimum delivery, with fuel cost averaged for the zip code where their vehicle is serviced. 

There are other use cases for commercial clients who pay rates negotiated to fit their particular needs. If you're in this category, please reach out to us and let's make this work.